A restless pursuit of quality and an obsession with blending excellence make Dewar's one of the most respected names in the world of Scotch whisky. In every bottle of Dewar's, you'll find over 160 years of tradition and blending expertise passed down through 7 generations of Master Blenders.

But that's not all. Tommy Dewar had once said, "We have a great regard for old age, when it is bottled."

Unlike most other whiskey makers, we do not claim that our whiskies are aged. Because they aren't. They are aged and then aged again. After having blended over 40 whiskeys from across Scotland to perfection, we return them to vintage oak casks to mature for an additional period.

Double-ageing gives the single malts and grain whiskies more time to develop and mellow. This is a painstaking effort, but we do it because we believe that some things are just worth doing. And whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Our refusal to make compromises results in impeccable Scotch whiskies that are smoother and creamier, with a full-body and a lingering finish.

The foundation stone of the Dewar's portfolio is the best-selling White Label blend which was first created in 1899. Thereafter, new expressions have been developed and added. At the heart of all Dewar's blends lies the single malt brewed at Aberfeldy. The Aberfeldy distillery is the spiritual home of Dewar's whiskeys and stands for tradition, craftsmanship and determination.

Not only is Dewar's mild, sweet and easy to drink, without a big smoke component that drives many away from Scotch whisky, it also mixes exceptionally well. So enjoy Dewar's any way you like with just a dash of water to open the flavours, or an elegant Blood and Sand cocktail.

With over 140 awards at competitive tasting, Dewar's is the world's fifth largest blended whisky brand and the top-selling Scotch whisky in the US. No wonder Dewar's whiskey has long been known as 'The Medal Scotch of the World'.

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