Best Scotch whisky


Nose your whisky like Master Blenders do.

Your sense of smell can trigger long-forgotten memories, because the nose is many times more sensitive than the tongue.
Gently swirl the dram around your glass. Take in the each aroma. With honey, toffee and butterscotch, hints of almond and vanilla, citrus zest and ripe cherries, a touch of fresh coconut and marzipan, Dewar's 18 Years Old truly makes for a heady reminiscence.


Unlike with most whiskies, a splash of water truly brings out the flavours in Dewar's.

Take a slow sip and roll the Scotch around your mouth. Vanilla, honey, hints of Scottish heather and hellip feel the many tastes and flavours come alive with our sweet, fruity whiskies.


Relish the whisky's finish: that lingering smooth sensation in your mouth.

Dewar's blends are known for their warm finish. Smooth and warm fused with complex creamy and fruity flavours such is the richness of Dewar's Signature - the finest expression of Dewar's taste.
Follow our whisky-tasting guide to discover the world of flavours and finishes to please your nose and palate.

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