Dewar's Smash

Dewar's Smash

Scotch whisky is always full of surprises. A fine, flavourful one like Dewar's White Label Scotch whisky makes for many a sophisticated whisky cocktail that goes down smoothly. The Whisky Smash is a perfect example. One of the older whisky cocktails in American history, it was mentioned by Jerry Thomas, the Father of American Mixology, in his first published book on bartending in 1887.

Like many cocktails, the question of the Smash's exact definition is debatable. The Smash is an open-ended cocktail, freely variable and seasonally flexible. There must be ice, though you may strain it out if you prefer. There should be fruit in season, though you may use it simply as a garnish. There should be a spirit base, here we use Dewar's White Label Bended Scotch Whisky. Mint is a classic choice, though many other herbs can work. You may want to water your smash down a little or add a spritz of seltzer. At its heart, the Smash is a wonderfully forgiving and flexible drink, for using what's at hand and for smashing it all together over ice for pure sipping bliss.

The Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch Whisky Smash is perfect for a warm summer evening of socializing with friends, as it is quick, easy and absolutely refreshing. Just lemon, mint, simple syrup and whiskey, even the least experienced home bartender can make this whisky cocktail. You can also experiment with a dash a bitters swap the mint for rosemary or the lemon for a tart apple. This classic cocktail is currently enjoying a renaissance with bartenders across the globe. Variations include using a brandied cherry for garnish and a huge fancy ice cube adding a slice of fresh fruit like peaches or rhubarbs before muddling or topping with a splash of soda. Try flavored bitters. Experiment a bit.


  • 2 parts Dewar's® White Label® Blended Scotch Whisky
  • 1/2 mixing spoons granulated sugar OR 3/4 parts simple syrup
  • 2 Pieces of Lemon
  • 3/4 fresh mint leaves
  • Seltzer


Garnish with fresh mint.


Muddle the lemon, mint, and sugar in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add Dewar's® White Label®, shake and strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Top with seltzer.

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